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Welcome to WMT-Sound, a project to collect opening and other songs from all over the world of the World Masterpiece Theater (and other Nippon Animation anime series)

So far many, many people have helped to collect these songs by sending me soundfiles, tapes, videotapes and even CDs of these songs and I like to thank to all these contributors!
Nevertheless: I'm still searching for missing songs, especially songs from foreign countries where WMT animes have been aired but where I can't search by my own because I don't speak the language. I know that especially in Arabic but also Spanish or Portugese speaking countries many WMT animes have been aired, but I still have only few songs in my collection ;_; (not to speak of countries like the Philipines, Hong Kong etc)

If you think you can can contribute to this project, please contact me or read the help section on this site. Even if it's just the information that one of these animations have been aired in your country, this fact is very valuable for me. It's nearly impossible for me to find out by other means (or do you know what animes have been aired here in Germany? ^_^ ).



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